Relieve Neck and Shoulder Tension With Pristina Pulse!

  • Relieves neck tension and stiffness
  • Promotes blood circulation and reduces fatigue
  • Soothes and relaxes tired muscles


"The Pristina Pulse Portable Pulse Neck and Shoulder Massager is a lifesaver! It's incredibly effective in relieving tension and soothing sore muscles. Highly recommended for anyone with neck discomfort!"

Janice E.

PristinaFlex Knee Relief - Knee Sleeves High Density Elastic
Value Your Neck

Presenting Pristina Pulse - 

Neck and Shoulder Massager

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Lasting comfort Minus Medication

Introducing Pristina Pulse -Neck and Shoulder Massager- Your Answer to Neck and Shoulder pain!

Experience soothing and relaxation, relief from swelling, and stiffness with our inventive Massagers for Shoulders and Neck. 

Designed to promote blood circulation and ease muscle tension, our Neck and Shoulder Massager offers comfort and neck support at home, or on the go.


Relax and Rejuvenate On-the-Go

Experience the luxury of a professional neck massage at your convenience  with our advanced neck and shoulder massager, crafted to meet your unique comfort needs.

  • All-Day Comfort

  • Versatile massage & vibration modes

  •   Convenient Solution

Our Portable Pulse Neck and Shoulder Massager, perfect for quick relief from tension. With its sleek, portable design, it offers soothing massages anywhere - at home, in the office, or on the go - for instant relaxation and enhanced well-being. This versatile device is designed as one of our top massagers for shoulders and neck, ensuring comprehensive relief for both areas.
PristinaFlex Knee Relief - sbd Knee Sleeves Medical Grade


The Coziest Relief in 30 Days or MONEYBACK

Almost 500+ customers have trusted our Pristina Pulse and we're confident you will too! In case if you don't, we have the easiest return and refund policy to return the product within 30 DAYS and get your 100% refund.

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Don't let any knee pain or discomfort hold you back any Longer!

  • Get rid of joint aches, pain and stiffness

  • Increases blood circulation, relaxes muscle tissue

  • Instant relief from workout, athletic pain

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Each Complete Set Includes:

1 pair of Pristina Pulse - Neck and Shoulder Massager
1 x USB charging cable
1 x User Manual
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Advanced Technology for Effortless Self-Relief

Combat Neck and Shoulder tightness

Pristina Pulse Portable Pulse Neck Massager, utilizes advanced pulse technology for precise relief. Emitting gentle electric pulses, to stimulate blood flow, alleviate muscle tension with ourneck and shoulder massager, and induce relaxation. Just wear it around your neck, customize the intensity, and feel the soothing pulses dissolve neck discomfort with effortless relief.
PristinaFlex Knee Relief - Breakdown Of Knee Compression Sleeve Materials
PristinaFlex Knee Relief - Why Wear Pristina Products Knee Sleeves

Compact Design

Compact and portable design for convenient use on-the-go
Advanced Pulse
Advanced pulse technology for deep and targeted neck massage

Lightweight Massager

Lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods, perfect for back neck and shoulder massage

Struggling with Chronic pain and Swelling?

Know that It Definitely Works!

Experience the proven efficacy of PristinaFlex Pulse neck and shoulder massager, backed by research, they target the root cause of neck discomfort and shoulder discomfort, reduce swelling , fit seamlessly into your daily routine, and are endorsed by healthcare professionals.

  • Improve arthritis, meniscus or ligament injuries

  • Slowly heal Osteoarthritis pain & discomfort

  • Speed up post-exercise recovery

If you are someone with chronic neck or shoulder pain, joint pain or redness, you will notice a remarkable change within 2 WEEKS after regular use.

PristinaFlex Knee Relief - Support Your Knee Joint And Patella
PristinaFlex Knee Relief - Doctor Caring For Patients Knee With Pristina Knee Sleeves

Professional Approved

Designed with input from neck healthcare experts,  Pristina pulse  neck and shoulder massager has been recommended by neck healthcare professionals for their exceptional comfort and effectiveness in relieving neck discomfort.

Improved Circulation

With their unique design, neck and shoulder massager,gently pushes blood upwards, reducing swelling and promoting better blood flow throughout the back neck and shoulder

Arthritis Relief

Our neck and shoulder massager comfortably to fit the neck to feel the complete healing effect, repeat the same process and relax everytime!

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PristinaFlex Knee Relief - Pristina Products - Just £20.99


Sleep Soundly with Pristina Pulse Neck Relief

Wake Up Refreshed: Combat Neck Pain Overnight

Ease neck and shoulder pain during sleep with Pristina Pulse neck and shoulder massager,  wake up to reduced morning discomfort thanks to compression zone tech and deep neck support, with our speciality back neck and shoulder massage.

Relief In Just 10 Minutes

Starts to deliver relief from any pain instantly

Goodbye to Neck Tension

Alleviate Neck pains without

any side effect

Long-lasting Effect

Prolonged use can lead to healing the root cause

Why Choose ComfortKnee ThermaWrap™?

A must-have in my relaxation device for anyone who wants to alleviate any kind of joint pain, reduce stiffness and improve overall joint function.

Pristina Pulse


Pain Management

Increased Circulation

Stress Reduction

Improved Flexibility

Safe & No Side Effect

Why Pristina Pulse Neck Relief?

A must-have in my relaxation device for anyone who wants to alleviate any kind of joint pain, reduce stiffness and improve overall joint function.

Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

 Is there a guarantee?

Yes, the Pristina Pulseneck and shoulder massager comes with a 30 day moneyback guarantee.

When will I see any Results?

Within the first day of use, most people feel a significant reduction in pain & swelling and with consistent use over two weeks you can gain long-lasting benefits!

How Should I Clean/Care?

Ensure longevity by washing your Pristina Pulse by hand, once switched off, you can use wipes, or a lightly damp cloth, afterwards make sure the Pristina Pulse is thoroughly dried before switching on and using.

What Are The Benefits Of Pristina Pulse

There are a multitude of benefits offered by Pristina Pulse, including decreased pain and inflammation, reduced swelling,enhanced oxygenated blood flow, , and decreased risk of knee injuries.


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