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Knee Massager

Get Rid of Stubborn Pains Right TODAY!

  • Targeted Design for Knee Ailments

  • Adjustable Settings for Personalized Relief

  • Suitable for Various Knee Conditions 


"Whether I've had a long day on my feet or my knees are feeling the effects of arthritis, this massager provides instant relief and warm soothing effect after just using 10 minutes!"

Isabella C.

Knee Massagers being worn on legs

Life is Too Short to Live in KNEE Pain

Introducing Comfortknee Thermawrap™ - the most effective pain relief companion

Knee Massager -Thermawrap being held.

Permanent Relief Without Pills

A complete on-the-go Knee massager that combines Red Light Therapy, Heat Therapy and Massage Therapy to temporarily increase local blood circulation, relax tight muscles and create temporary relief of minor joint pains, swelling and stiffness.

The best part is you can use it on your own, sitting comfortably at home, without having expensive visits to clinics or therapists or painkillers which slowly damages the organs.


Elevate Your Comfort with Customized Therapy

Experience a different level of comfort with our innovative heated knee massager, designed with your unique needs in mind.

  • Adjustable temperature settings

  • Versatile massage & vibration modes

  • Automatic Shut-Off Feature

It also comes with few major upgrades including wider temperature range, extended battery life and a new rennovation design for better fit on both larger and smaller arms and limbs.


The Warmest Relief in 30 Days or MONEYBACK

Almost 500+ customers have trusted our Knee Massager is THE COMFORTKNEE THERMAWRAP™ and we're confident you will too! In case if you don't, we have the easiest return and refund policy to return the product within 30 DAYS and get your 100% refund.

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Knee Massager - Pristina Products - ComfortKnee ThermaWrap™

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Don't let any knee pain hold you back any Longer!

  • Get rid of joint aches, pain and stiffness

  • Increases blood circulation, relaxes muscle tissue

  • Instant relief from workout, athletic pain

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Each Complete Set Includes:

1 x  ComfortKnee ThermaWrap™ Knee Massager

1 x  Extension strap

1 x  USB-C charging cable

1 x  Product manual

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Complete Hands-Free Self-Massage System

Adjustable Straps and Ergonomic Design

A very convenient automatic knee massager for regular use! All you need to do is put it on your knee and use the display to personalize your treatment by adjusting the heat and modes. You can do it simply lying on a sofa, reading newspapers, doing simple chores, while going to bed or even while gossiping with people.

Perfect for osteoarthritis pain & discomfort, post-surgery recovery, meniscus & tendon issues and any other type of short term or long term knee pains.

Knee Massager Worn on Left Leg
Knee Massager - ThermaWrap being worn on right arm

Regenerative Temperature Control

Whether you prefer a gentle warmth for mild discomfort or a higher temperature for more intensive relief, the customized settings cater to your individual preferences. Knee Massager is very comfortable.

Safe Heating mode and Vibration

Choose from kneading, vibration of both and enjoy the freedom to discover the mode that works best for you, knowing you are safe.

User-Friendly Experience

Equipped with a digital display controller featuring a touch screen design, effortlessly manage temperature and modes.

Struggling with Chronic pain and Swelling?

Knee massager that Definitely Works!

Researchers have proof that Heat therapy helps to dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation in the affected area, promoting the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues which effectively helps to -

  • Improve arthritis, meniscus or ligament injuries

  • Slowly heal Osteoarthritis pain & discomfort

  • Speed up post-exercise recovery

If you are someone with chronic knee joint pain or redness, you will notice a remarkable change within 2 WEEKS after regular use.

Knee pain being experienced in left leg
Knee pain being recovered in elder gentleman

Wireless Wellness

Wireless, lightweight and exceptionally elastic - Experience a relaxing massage wherever you want, whenever you want.

Dual-Action Relief

Benefit from a two-in-one heating and massage solution with three-level heating (max temperature 75℃) and three vibration modes that makes it perfectly usable at any age range.

Soothe, Relax, Repeat

Wraps comfortably to fit the joints to feel the complete healing effect, repeat the same process and relax everytime!

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Get Ispired from Hundreds of Transformed Lives


Remedies for knee pain being shown in picture


Versatile design for Multi-Joint Use

Not just a Knee Massager - Can be Easily used on Elbows and Shoulder

With Comfortknee Thermawrap™, you can conveniently target multiple joints in your body. All you need to do is just attaching the device to the treated area and get benefit of the anywhere-pain-relief need.


Step 1:  Use the power button turn on the device.

Step 2:  Select your preferred heating level and length of treatment.

Step 3:  Place the device the desired area. If required, use additional straps to secure in place.

Step 4:  Start the session and enjoy in your own time.

Relief In Just 10 Minutes

Starts to deliver relief from any pain instantly

Goodbye to Knee Tension

Alleviate knee pains without

any side effect

Long-lasting Effect

Prolonged use can lead to healing the root

Why Choose ComfortKnee ThermaWrap™?

A must-have in my relaxation device for anyone who wants to alleviate any kind of joint pain, reduce stiffness and improve overall joint function.

ComfortKnee ThermaWrap™


Pain Management

Increased Circulation

Stress Reduction

Improved Flexibility

Safe & No Side Effect

Why Choose ComfortKnee ThermaWrap™?

A must-have in my relaxation device for anyone who wants to alleviate any kind of joint pain, reduce stiffness and improve overall joint function.

Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

How long should I use the Massager Device?

It's recommended to use it for 10-15 minutes at a time, 3/4 days a week to better result.

When will I see any Result?

Within the first 10-15 minutes of use, most people feel a significant reduction in pain & swelling and with consistent use over two weeks you can gain long-lasting benefits!

Can I move around while using the Massager?

For best results, do not walk around while the massager is operating. Remain seated or inclined with your knee slightly bent to align with the shape of the sleeve. But you can do very light chores if needed.

Follow this link, If you're looking for a leg support sleeve instead

Can the device overheat?

No – we have designed our device with an overheating protection mechanism that ensures a constant delivery of soothing heat, without risk of overheating. 

How do I clean the Knee Massager?

Remove the control pod and wipe down with a slightly damp cloth or wipes. Do not soak, wash or submerge in water. Let it dry after cleaning and make sure the sleeve is completely dry before attaching the pod and turning it on.


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